Service Objectives:
We use Creative Arts as intervention to address young people’s mental health needs. We believe through arts and creativity, coupled with cross-disciplinary collaboration, our diversified services can facilitate growth and prevent mental illness among youth while promoting mental wellness in community.

Service Target:
Young persons aged 12 to 24 with emotional needs

Service Location:

Services Currently Provided:

  • School-based activities:
    Providing schools with mental health education, arts buddy training, arts therapy groups and emotional wellness assessment.
  • Community engagement activities:
    Running creativity, experiential and community workshops as well as mental health seminars for parents
  • Art Buddy Training Program:
    Providing arts and volunteer training and forming partnership with youth to experience the transformative power of arts.
  • Individual Counseling:
    Using creative arts as means to provide young people with mental health needs with emotional support and counselling
  • Mental health assessment:
    Providing tests for anxiety, stress and depressive symptoms as well as using projective drawing to facilitate self- understanding of emotional health.

Caritas Charrette Centre (Adolescent Emotional Health Service)

3/F, 23-25 Man Lai Road, Shatin, New Territories
Tel : 2467 8455 / 6162 6984
Fax : 2467 3655
Email :ycschctr @caritassws.org.hk
Website: http://charrette.caritas.org.hk