LEARN FOR A REASON-Youth Volunteer Jubilee Award Scheme


  1. Encourage youth volunteers from units to continue to participate in volunteer services
  2. Recruit young volunteers for youth club services
  3. Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Excellent Volunteer Award Program

Period: 2022-2024
Target group: 11-30 year old youth volunteers from youth and community service units

Participation qualifications:

Personal: Participate in volunteer service in the service unit of the youth club for one year, and the minimum service hours is 30 hours
Or participate in the “Monthly One Star” innovative service three or more times (individual name)

Group: At least 4 members, and the cumulative number of volunteer service hours is at least 50 hours

Participation method: write a simple plan that includes how to add value and self-realization through the subsidy of the reward plan and contribute to the practice of voluntary work in the future

Judging and awarding: Interview review will be conducted in early 2023, and awards will be presented at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Outstanding Volunteer Award Scheme

Number of awards: five, each person/group can receive a maximum of $3,000 in bonus funding for self-enhancement (account-reimbursement)

Remarks: Winners need to use all the funding of the award program before March 31, 2024, and arrange at least one opportunity Give back to the volunteer activities of the Youth Club