Service Objectives:
We help to prevent young people from falling into delinquency and to empower them to face up to challenges through enhancing their resilience, personal capability and social support network. We foster holistic development and harness community resources to support young people in adverse situations.

Service Targets:
Young people aged 6-24

Service Location:

Services Currently Provided:

  1. Crisis intervention services
    Providing overnight services to help youngsters to avert crisis.
  2. Case counseling
    Assisting young people in resolving problems and learning from experiences through individual interviews and home-visits.
  3. Community Education
    Setting up street stalls and organizing thematic activities for prevention and education
  4. Growth and development
    Integrating recreational, educational and skills training in our group activities, we facilitate young people to tap into their potential while providing them with timely counselling that meet their needs.
  5. Hotline service
    Overnight hotline services to handle enquiries and crisis
  6. Referral Service
    Service referral for young people to address their needs

Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Services for Young People – Stanley Services for Young Night Drifter
Shop No. L5, 5/F, Stanley Plaza, Hong Kong
Tel : 9093 7057
Fax : 2530 1887
E-mail : ycssit@caritassws.org.hk
Website: https://sit.caritas.org.hk