Service Objectives:
We provide 11 secondary schools with school social work service in line with integrated youth services. Our interventions revolve around students’ personal and family needs while tapping into community resources for learning opportunities. Through partnership and counselling, we help students to overcome difficulties in school work, social relations and emotional development to realize their potential as well as to prepare them for coming-of-age challenges through strengthening of body, mind and spirit. Forms of intervention include consultation, counseling, service referral, mass program and group activities, seminars and community liaison.

Services Target:
11 Stationing Secondary Schools Students and Families

Services Currently Provided:

  • Social skills Training
  • Emotional and stress management
  • Self confident enhancement
  • Sex education and Self protection
  • Interests and potential development
  • Volunteer training
  • Vocational development
  • Parent Education

Secondary School Social Work Service

Office:Rm,135,1/F, Caritas House, 2 Caine Road, Hong Kong
Tel:2843 4684
Fax:2522 4633