The CLAP@JC lasts for ten years. The first phase was Created and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust in 2015. The purpose is to inspire young people to realize their personal potential, explore life and career goals, and explore diversified paths. The plan has benefited close to 30,000 young people so far, and the second phase will be officially launched in September 2020.


 The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust initiated and earmarked funding of some HK$295 million to launch the “LevelMind@JC” in cross-sectoral collaboration with six non-governmental organisations and The University of Hong Kong in 2019, cooperating with six non-profit organizations and the University of Hong Kong in a cross-sectoral manner, the plan will last for four and a half years.


  • Sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust Fund, Caritas - Hong Kong together with two organizations and the Suicide Prevention Research Center of the University of Hong Kong, established the first 24/7 youth emotional health online support platform in Hong Kong, called "Open Up"

  • The online youth support team in the East Kowloon Region finally included in the regular funding projects of the Social Welfare Department, in which originally received funding from the Social Welfare Department.

  • The ground floor shop of "Caritas Computer Workshop - Ctrl + Z" in Kowloon Bay was officially opened to provide the public with maintenance and purchase services for computers and smartphones.

  • "Caritas Computer Workshop" moved to To Kwa Wan Industrial Building and officially became a self-financing social enterprise.


Funded by Stanley Residents' Association Limited and Chanoh Foundation Limited to provide supportive services to poor students with special educational needs


Established Hyacinth Enrichment Center in Kwai Chung District to provide support and development services for young mothers


  • Sponsored by the Education Bureau to implement a pilot project to provide employment-related experience for non-Chinese speaking  secondary school students
  • Established the "Caritas Infinity Teens - Cyber Youth Support Team", which mainly assists high-risk youths to integrate into society
  • Launched the fifth Fifth Batch of Child Development Fund Project "Love in the path of hope II" on Hong Kong Island and Islands District


  • Established the Caritas Charrette Centre to provide emotional health services for young people.
  • Established Caritas "Hope" - Navigation Scheme for Young Persons in Care Services,  which provide career planning for non-study and on-the-job careers for young people.


  • The redevelopment of Caritas Community Centre - Tsuen Wan started.
  • Launched the Fourth Batch of Child Development Fund Projects "Vision Is Possible:The voyage of love and dream" on Hong Kong Island and Islands District.


The Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation sponsored the Mobile Computer Repair Programme for the needy by providing on-site computer repair and technical support service.


  • Caritas Infinity Teens - Cyber Youth Support Team
  • "Brown Sugar Agent" Project (Serve young people with websites and social media)。
  • Sexuality Zone- Supportive and Counselling Service on Youth Sexual Behavior (Provide community clinical psychology services to respond to sexual-related behavior problems in youth)。
  • Launched a one-stop service support program for early identification and intervention of disadvantaged young mothers (Community Support Service for Young Mothers) in East Kowloon


  • Launched the second phase of the Child Development Fund project in Tsuen Kwai Tsing District.
  • Implementation of the "Lily of the Valley" support program for young pregnant women who abuse drugs.
  • Established a "Green baby", the store operates a baby product bazaar in the form of a social enterprise to support young mothers.
    The "Growing Sky" team was renamed "Understanding the Adolescent Project".


  • To implement a five-year Jockey Club Early Psychosis Project (JCEP) designed for people aged 25 to 60 with mental disorders.
  • Established "Bean道有品" children's website.
  • Launch the "Blue Sky Project" to provide services to hidden youths.


  • Promote a healthy Internet culture "Click Click有法@正網行動"


  • Caritas - Hong Kong set up the first social work service in kindergarten school.
  • Organize "Overcoming Invisible Obstacles" Special Learning Disability Service Seminar (Exchange Special Learning Disability Service in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan).
  • Carry out "living children, happy parents" community support services for special learning disabilities.
  • The Hyacinth Project was launched to prevent teenage girls from repeating pregnancy.


  • Set up a learning and growth plan to provide training and support services for SEN students.


The Environmental Protection Department invited Caritas Computer Workshop to provide a computer regeneration project and a picture tube regeneration project, and was selected by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service as a partner of the "Every-home Has Computer" project.


  • The six Caritas community centers and Cheung Chau Youth Integrated Service and two community development service teams participated in the establishment of the Community Chest's “Rainbow Fund” to accept and approve case applications.
  • The Environmental Protection Department invited computer workshops to enter the Kowloon Bay Comprehensive Recycling Center.
  • Set up a special team to promote growth in different primary schools in the sky project


  • The Environmental Protection Department allocated 1.2 million to support the Wong Tai Sin Youth Integrated Service to start a computer recycling project.
  • Provide services for people with experimental psychosis in Tsuen Wan and Caine Road Community Centre and Tuen Mun Youth Integrated Service.
  • The Aberdeen and Tuen Mun Outreach Teams were transformed into the Southern District and Tuen Mun District Youth Outreach Social Work Teams on September 1, 2003.


  • Successfully bid for student guidance service project contracts for 30 primary schools to launch guidance services in primary schools.


  • The Caritas "明愛揸Fit行動" , established the first mobile team for drug education in Hong Kong to provide services to young people who go to discos for recreation.
  • Caritas "明愛披星計劃" (Establish a mobile AIDS education team to reach bars, discos, train stations and the Lok Ma Chau bus station to reach out to young people and provide services for them).
  • The Stanley Youth Integrated Service began to provide late-night youth services in the Southern District in November 2001, targeting children and young people between the ages of 6 and 24.
  • Open computer workshops, provide youth training programs, and provide basic computer installation and maintenance skills training for young people who are receiving comprehensive assistance.


  • Some of the resources of the Children and Youth Centres have been deployed to the newly established Tak Tin and Stanley Youth Integrated Services and provide school-based social work services.
  • The Tak Tin Youth Integrated Service Team began to provide community support services for children with learning disabilities and their parents.
  • The Stanley Youth Integrated Service Team has been in service since May 2000 and provides school-based social work services.


  • The new wing of the Caritas Kennedy Town Community Centre was completed, renamed the Caritas Mok Cheung Sui Kun Community Centre, and opened in the same year.
  • Two hotlines were set up to provide counselling services for primary six to high school and secondary five students. The former was the first service hotline of its kind in Hong Kong that year.


"Group and Community Work Service" was renamed "Youth and Community Service".


  • The Tsuen Wan Community Centre opened the first "24-hour information hotline for new immigrants" in Hong Kong.
  • Open Caritas Hugs Centre to provide counseling services for psychotropic substance abusers.


Launched the New Chinese Immigrants Adaptation Program in Caritas Community Centre – Kowloon, Caritas Community Centre - Tsuen Wan and Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Service For Young People – Wong Tai Sin


With the approval of the Social Welfare Department, the children and youth centres in Tung Tau and Tuen Mun were renamed as two integrated youth service teams, which were renamed Wong Tai Sin and Tuen Mun Youth Integrated Services, and provided school-based stationing social work services.


  • Provide outreaching social work services in Tuen Mun District.
  • Opened a Children and Youth centre in Tak Tin Estate, Lam Tin.


  • The "After School Care Service" of "Ngau Tau Kok Community Center" was sponsored by the Lottery Fund and became a new pilot project.


  • Opened a Children and Youth centre in Siu Hei Court, Tuen Mun.
  • The Shatin Children and Youth Centre moved from the Shatin to Sui Wo Court.


  • The Ngau Tau Kok Children and Youth Center was upgraded to a community center.
  • The Wong Tai Sin Outreach Social Work Team began to provide services.


  • Group and community services were reorganized into "Group and Community Work Services" and "Community Development Services".
  • The Tsuen Wan Children and Youth Center was upgraded to a community center.


  • Opened a children and youth centre in Cheung Hong Estate, Tsing Yi.


  • Opened the Chai Wan Children and Youth Centre.
  • The "Shuttle Happy Car" project was launched to provide mobile library services for children in remote rural areas.
  • Launched a childcare program at the Ngau Tau Kok Service Center.
  • Rented a venture shopping mall to open a children and youth center.
  • The Shek Tong Tsui Youth Center became the first children and youth center in a shopping mall in Hong Kong.


  • Caritas has received funding from the Social Welfare Department to set up six community centers in turn to provide comprehensive services to disadvantaged groups and encourage them to help each other and participate in the community.


  • Library services are merged with group and community work services.


  • Established outreaching social work services to provide services to young people in Tung Tau Estate


  • Established a small paradise child care plan in Tung Tau Estate. This pilot project provides a valuable reference for the after-school care service model in the future.


  • Youth outreach services are recognized by the government, and an outreach task force is set up in Aberdeen.
  • Opened Caritas Chai Wan Service Center.


The expansion project of Caritas Caine Road Community Center is completed.


  • The Caritas Shatin Service Centre was officially opened to provide services for children and young people.
  • Opened Caritas Tuen Mun Service Center.


  • The Lei Muk Shue Caritas Centre opened to provide children and youth services to residents.


  • The Caritas St. Paul Fishermen’s Village, a youth center, was completed.


  • Opened a library in Jordan Valley.
  • Caritas Group and community work services provide children and youth services to Cheung Chau residents.


  • The Shek Lei Caritas Service Center was completed and opened, and provided children's homework guidance programs and community development programs for residents in the district.


  • The Tsuen Wan Centre expansion project was completed.


  • Established Caritas Service Center in Ngau Tau Kok.


  • Launched a youth work and family visit volunteer training program at the Caritas Kowloon Service Center and the Caritas Caine Road Service Center.


  • Established Caritas Kowloon Service Center.


  • Established Caritas Caine Road Service Center.
  • Established Tung Tau Caritas Service Center.
  • The Caritas Youth Centre in On Yuen Building was opened.


  • Established Caritas Service Centre in Kennedy Town.
  • Established Caritas Cheung Chau Service Center.


  • The Caritas Service Centre in Aberdeen was completed, and the Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Pauli Kee, hosted the inauguration of the centre.
  • The Caritas Centre in Tsuen Wan was completed and been set up dormitories for factory workers in the center and provide welfare and recreational facilities for children from working families.


  • Set up a "group and community work service" to serve young people and community members. Afterwards, it was renamed "Youth and Community Services", and so far there are 27 units serving.