Service Objective:

A social enterprise that strives to improve the livelihood of deprived young mothers, Greenbaby operates according to the principles of 5R, namely recycle (recovering secondhand baby appliances) , refurbishment (adding value to recycled products), reuse (redistributing the renewed products for further use), rebuild (equipping young mothers with vocational skills) and reignite (instilling in service users a sense of hope for the future) 

Service Target:

  • Providing with parents a platform for purchasing recycled baby appliances
  • Providing young mothers (unmarried or single) with a parent-friendly work and training environment to master a wide variety of job skills.

Services Currently Provided:
Through setting up a platform for the purchase of recycled baby appliances, we provide young mothers (unmarried or single) with a parent-friendly work environment in which they could acquire a wide variety of job skills to prepare for self-reliance through re-entering job market. 

Green Baby
Address: Room 2B, 10/F, Hong Kong Industrial Centre (Block C), 489-491 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong
Tel: 3426 4584
Email: greenbaby@caritassws.org.hk