Service Objective:
We strive to serve kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary schools, organizing for students a wide variety of developmental activities as well as training and counselling groups. Our aim is to nurture students’positive attitude in adversity while equipping them with knowledge and skills to face up to challenges. We also strive to strengthen connections between students, families, schools and communities, fostering a school environment in which students can grow into self-reliant, confident and purposeful persons. 

Service Target:
Students, parents and teachers from kindergarten , primary, secondary and tertiary schools

Service Area:

Services Currently Provided:
Two major services include:

Understanding Adolescent Project (Primary)
The project mainly serves primary four to primary six students with relatively severe developmental needs through a series of intensive group and outdoor experiential activities. This is to enhance students’ resilience and to help them apply their newly acquired knowledge to daily life, so as to face up to challenges positively.

Student Support Services
We provide diversified training and activities including groups for students with special learning needs, prefect training, volunteer training and activities as well as workshops on mock interviews. Our goal is to address the needs of students at all levels according to their developmental stages.

Caritas Life Zone – Supporting Service Project for Schools
Office: Room M1, 27 Pokfield Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Tel : 2816 8090
Fax : 2816 8093
E-mail : ycsuap@caritassws.org.hk