Service Objective:
We assist drug abusers in achieving and maintaining abstinence as well as rebuilding a healthy lifestyle. We also provide family members with counselling and support services to assist them in coping with drug-related problems. Through public education and training for social workers and teachers, we aim to prevent at-risk youth from misusing substance while supporting community stakeholders and pertinent helping professionals to identify and support drug abusers for rehab.

Service Target:
Persons misusing psychotropic substances and their family members

Service Area:
Tuen Mun

Services Currently Provided:

Individual and family counselling: Group counselling, medical support services, outreach counselling, counselling for recovery following rehab, service referral, community education, seminars for parents and professional training

Caritas Hugs Centre
(Counselling Centre for Psychotropic Substances Abusers)

Unit Nos. 41-44, G/F, Hing Shing House, Tai Hing Estate,
Tuen Mun, New Territories
Tel : 2453 7030
Fax : 2453 7031
E-mail : ycshugs@caritassws.org.hk