The motto of Caritas “Love in the Service of Hope” encapsulates the core of its mission, which is expressed as follows:

  • To help the underprivileged and the vulnerable
  • To encourage people to actualize their potential
  • To promote mutual understanding and reconciliation
  • To nurture a spirit of reciprocity to the community from which the people have benefited


Here at Caritas’ Youth and Community Service division, our mission is to provide a multitude of services, both online and offline, for members of Hong Kong’s child, teenage, and young adult population. Whether this be through community centres, youth services, outreach social work services, children and youth centres, student support services, employment counselling services, or youth drug abuse counselling services, Caritas YCS is on hand to help individuals with whatever they may require.


Our Youth and Community Service branch is committed towards the care and development of youth and their relation to the community. By encouraging participation and teaching both personal and social responsibility, Caritas aims to prepare Hong Kong’s youth to be responsible leaders of the future.