Service Objectives:

Open Up is a new online platform specialized in providing young people with round-the-clock online emotional support through the internet, social media and text messages. Sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and supported by Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention – HKU, the project is jointly operated by Hong Kong Caritas, The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups  Hong Kong Children and Youth Services and St. James' Settlement. The service aims to alleviate young people’s stress resulting from school, family, interpersonal and work issues.

Service Target:
Young people aged 11-35

Services Currently Provided:

  1. Online emotional support service: Providing round-the-clock text-based counselling through a wide variety of online platform
  2. Volunteer training: Train up online volunteer counsellors through professional training and internship. Volunteers will receive continuous training in the form of workshops and case meetings as well as regular supervisions for enhancement of service quality and outcome.
  3. Gatekeeper training: Running a wide variety of seminars and workshops to raise concern among community stakeholders over issues of youth mental health and suicide.
  4. Professional development: Providing Open Up counsellors and social workers a series of training to enhance their understanding and skills of online text-based counselling. Updated issues of youth mental health as well as applications of online text-based counselling will also be addressed so as to open doors for new social services.
  5. Online and offline partnership: through multi-service collaboration, we facilitate transition from online counselling to offline support in response to service users’emotional needs.

Telephone: 91 012 012
Website: https://www.openup.hk