Service Goal:
Soil – Sexuality Wellness Service is an Early Identification and Intervention project. It proactively reaches out to young people with problematic sexual issues or sexual crimes, for example:

  • To help young people building supportive connections with community, managing sexual behavior with different means,
  • To help young people learning problem-solving and social skills, and discover their self- worth and confidence,
  • To help parents in handling children’s sexual problems and improve their sexual communication.

Service Vision:
To develop a respectful and acceptant atmosphere, allow young people to discuss “sex” in healthy and honest way, eliminate the societal discrimination on youth sexuality.    

Service tagret:
24 years old or below who have sexual problems or sexual crimes (Including up skirt photography, indecent assault or sexual harassment, and disturbances from personal sexual habits); and their parents, teachers and youth workers.

Address: G/F, No.22 Cheung Tung House, Tung Tau Estate, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon 

Office hotline: 2580 2626
Fax. No.: 3620 3156
E-mail: ycsps@caritassws.org.hk
Facebook:  Soil-Sexuality Wellness Service  https://www.facebook.com/soil.caritas
Instagram: caritas_soil https://www.instagram.com/caritas_soil/