Service Target:
We strive to provide students, parents and teachers with comprehensive and professional counselling services. Throughout the fiscal year of 20/21, we have provided 46 primary schools with comprehensive school social work service, which team included registered social workers with bachelor degree, student counsellors and social work supervisors to integrate the five core values of Catholic teachings (values for life, family, virtue, justice and truth) into counselling.


Services Currently Provided:

  • Facilitating school to develop a comprehensive counselling framework for students
  • Helping students to resolve personal, family, interpersonal and academic issues
  • Strengthening connections between students, families, schools and community
  • Providing teachers and parents with training and support to help with developments of school-based counselling
  • Assisting school in nurturing student’s respect for life, love for family, passion for virtue and justice, knowledge to discern right from wrong as well as the courage to take up responsibilities and contribute to a better society.

Apart from the aforementioned core services, we also offer schools the following value-added services:

  • Parent-and-child adventure camp for faith development
  • Activities to support primary-to-secondary transition for students with special learning needs
  • Award scheme for outstanding child volunteers
  • Mass lectures
  • Support services for students and parents, including child leadership training, financial management training, adventure training and workshops for mock interviews
  • Support for students with special learning needs, including groups for focus training and learning difficulties, as well as parent-child parallel groups for students with dyslexia
  • Diversified programs to address the needs of students and their families in response to social changes

Caritas Student Guidance Service (Primary School)
Office: Room 139, Caritas Building, 2 Caine Road, Hong Kong
Tel: 2843 4659
Fax: 2522 4633
Email: ycsco@caritassws.org.hk