Service Goal:

Entitle to co-host Healthy Neighbourhood Kitchens
We establish variety of service promotion channels, including building outreach, roadshow and home visit. Therefore, our Neighbors can connect with community resource.

Extend habitable living space
We Co-create an expanded living space in the area that can accommodate Neighbors’ basic needs, including cooking, exercising, and resting.

Enrich with resources and support
With the social and medical collaboration model, Neighbors are most accessible to the community resources. We also offer health consultations and support in the hub.

Engage with family members, peers & neighbors
Neighbors with similar background can build relationship and network at the hub. We can provide mutual support with each other and encourage each other with healthier living style.

Empower to gain sense of control, and develop self-confidence, & coping mechanism
Enhance with our Neighbors’ health literacy. We transform our users to volunteers, our Neighbors enhance their self-esteem by pay it forward.

Service Vision:

To serve subdivided flat families in the central, western and southern districts, in order to respond to their lack of space, time and network, we provide an extended living space. Our Neighbors can build social capital while staying at our hub. Our project aimed to promote community participation, and form partners to walk together to improve of the physical and mental health of our Neighbor. At the end we enhance the ability of our Neighbors to manage the health of themselves and their families, and establish a community health culture for subdivided flats family.

The Trans-disciplinary team will conduct holistic social and health need assessments with our Neighbor. We want to find out the relationship between health problem caused by poor living conditions. With our social impact assessment result, we can develop an effective service model to for our service users in the future. Social and medical services can be more effective and sensitive to the situation of subdivided flats family.

Service Target: Sub-divided flat families living in Central and Western district and Southern district

Services Distracts: Central and Western district and Southern district

Services Currently Provided:
The project collaborates the community, social workers and medical team (including nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapist, nutritionist and public health officer). Together with families in subdivided unit, we aim to create a "second home" where everyone can cook, eat and exercise together. Through a variety of activities, we can build a healthier lifestyle. There is also a community pharmacy in the center where the neighborhood can access medicine at a lower price.

  • Neighborhood Dining Room - Provide a hygienic and comfortable shared space for cooking and dining
  • Neighborhood living room - a space for our Neighbor to meet friends, relieve stress in daily life, and connect with community
  • Community Gym - provide a fitness space to encourage our Neighbor do more exercise to relieve pain and develop a healthier life style
  • Community pharmacy – provide one-stop service featuring pharmacist management of minor ailments and free pharmacist consultation on medication use and health-related problems
  • Family Wellness room - promote family health management and build a healthy community together

Contact Us:

Address:  Shop 2 (G/F & 1st Floor)& Shop 6 (G/F), Wai Wah Commercial Centre, 6 Wilmer Street, Sai Ying Pun
Tel:  3709 9415
Fax:  3709 9424
Email: ycshealthykitchen@caritassws.org.hk