Service Objective:

We provide young mothers with holistic services thanks to support from FU TAK IAM FOUNDATION LIMITED, which funds Hyacinth Young Mothers’ Centre @ Kwai Chung, and Beat Drug Fund Association, which funds Love Reborn – Family Renewal Project.

We help young mothers to alleviate stress and resolve issues as a result of unexpected pregnancy while equipping them with skills, knowledge and attitude to perform parental duties. We also assist them in reconnecting ties with family and the community so as to foster a healthy environment for personal, children and family growth.

Service Target:

  • Pregnant women aged 22 or below, and young mothers with child or children aged two or below
  • Drug-using parents aged 24 or below

Service Locations:

Territory- wide (except New Territories East)

Services Currently Provided:

  • Personal support series: Emotion support and childcare training through case counselling and management
  • Support for novice mom: Pre- and post-natal seminars, training for post-natal care and parent education
  • Support for novice dad: pre- and post-natal seminars, counselling for men and vocational support
  • Support for family: couple counselling, sexual relations adjustment and family activities
  • Parent-child support: Baby massage, parent-child activities, playgroups and positive parenting education
  • Support for vocational development: “Back-to-School” consultation and support, career skills training and internships.
  • Peer support network: Home-visit by peers, groups for personal growth and interest classes
  • Support for personal development: Self-understanding, holistic workshop for self-care, sex education workshops and nursing consultation

Caritas Project Hyacinth - Enrichment Service for Young Mothers
Office : Room 1B, 1/F, TLP132, 132-134 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, NT
Tel : 3582 4471
Fax : 3107 0315
E-mail : hyacinth @caritassws.org.hk
Website: https://ycs.caritas.org.hk/hyacinth