Caritas Pelletier Hall

Service objectives:
Pelletier Hall was established in 1955 under the management of Sisters of the Good Shepherd. Since September 2002, the Home has been handed over to Caritas-Hong Kong. The Hall aims to assisting those girls with behavioral/emotional problems and maladjusted personalities to achieve better self-understanding and self-esteem through residential training and special education service. Effective 1 January 2019, the service was re-engineered and divided into two sections. The “Residential Home with School for Social Development on-site Section” has 64 placements for girls who attend Pelletier School providing P5 to S3 classes. The “Girls’ Home without School Section” has 32 placements for girls who attend mainstream schools or work.
These services help the girls :
  1. to build up their self-worth and positive attitude towards life;
  2. to re-establish the relationship with family which aims for family reunion;
  3. to learn to love and concern oneself, others and community;
  4. to cultivate active learning attitude and abilities; and
  5. to improve self-management and ability for independent living.
Target Group
Girls aged between 10 and under 21 who are students or working youths and require a period of group living experience away from their families. The serving capacity is 96.
Length of stay
12 to 18 months
Free accommodation, meals and general activities provided. Parents have to finance girls’ clothes, daily necessities and medical consultation fees, etc.
Application procedure
Residential Home with School for Social Development on-site Section (CCRM):
All referrals should be directed to the Central Coordinating Referral Mechanism (CCRM) operated by the Education Bureau and the Social Welfare Department.
Social Welfare Department – Corrections Section
    Tel: 2892 5106     Fax: 2833 5861
Education Bureau – Special Education Support Team 2
    Tel: 3698 3727     Fax: 2760 4191
Website: http://www.edb.gov.hk/tc/edu-system/special/support-subsidy/special-school/ccrm/index.html

Girls’ Home without School Section (CRSRC) :
All referrals should be made by referring registered social worker through Central Referral System for Residential Child Care Services (CRSRC) operated by the Social Welfare Department.
    Tel: 2892 5164     Fax : 2833 5840
Caritas Pelletier Hall / Caritas Pelletier School
Address︰ N.K.I.L. 6010, Clear Water Bay Road, Kowloon.
School Website︰ http://pelletier.edu.hk
Telephone︰ (852) 2320 3884
Fax︰ (852) 2328 9975
Email︰ [email protected]