Caritas Jockey Club Hostel – Choi Wan

Serving Objective
Currently this is the unique hostel in Hong Kong providing multiple and continuing accommodation service for female individuals and families in crisis. During the period of stay, the hostel provides individual counseling service, organizes group activities, recreational activities, festival celebration, educational and social programmes to the residents from which the residents could be benefited in equipping their problem solving skills and preparing them for future independent living. The serving capacity is 36.
Target clients
Female aged from 18 or above.
Criterion for Admission
1. Referred by registered social worker;
2. Recipients of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance or Individuals of the lower income class.
Length of Stay
Normally 6 months, can extend to 24 months when necessary.

1. A multi-functional activity room for residents to enjoy reading, watching TV and the social activities.

2. Bed rooms featured facilities: air-conditioner, hot water Shower.

Fee (Monthly):

Rooms for Singleton : $1,885
Rooms for Family (2 persons) : $3,795
3 persons : $4,955

Application Procedure
Application should be made by referring registered social worker.
Caritas Jockey Club Hostel – Choi Wan
Address 123 – 134, G/F, Kai Fai House, Choi Wan Estate (II), Kowloon.
Telephone 2318-0065
Fax : 2318-0011
Email : [email protected]
Location Map of Caritas Jockey Hostel – Choi Wan