Caritas Hostel- Hung Hom

Service Objectives
To provide emergency and temporary accommodation to male, who are in desperate housing need or in crisis situation. It is hoped that through the provision of various services, the residents will be able to tie-over their critical period, to integrate into society leading to a more meaningful life. The serving capacity is 46.
Target Clients
Male who are in desperate housing need
Criterion for admission

1. Capable of self and personal care;
2. Assessed to be in desperate housing need or in crisis situation by a registered social worker;
3. No communicable diseases, physically and mentally suitable for communal living;
4. During the period of stay, residents should accept the counselling service from the referring social worker and formulate realistic planning on long-term accommodation.

Length of stay
1-6 months

1. 5 bedrooms (6-12 persons), all are air-conditioned, locked cabinet and fan provided;
2. Activity room/ Pantry/ Cooking facilities/ Laundry room/ Shower room & toilet;
3. Television, Newspaper & periodicals, computer and Wi-Fi service.

HK$42 per day
Application should be made by registered social worker
Caritas Hostel- Hung Hom
Address 1 Hung Ling Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon
Telephone 2362-7350
Fax : 2362-7333
Email : [email protected]
Location Map of Caritas Hostel – Hung Hom